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  • "From the comprehensive textbook, to the online tests, videos and forum, Gold Standard played a huge part in my 74 GAMSAT score."

    Maddie Wallis, Medical Student, University of Sydney
  • "I received an overall GAMSAT score of 72 with individual scores of 73, 68 and 74 in section 1, 2 and 3, respectively. I cannot thank Dr. Ferdinand (and everyone at GAMSAT-prep) enough for providing a course that really delivers!"

    Hannah Wilson, BA Applied Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
  • "I cannot praise your program enough; it helped immensely…"

    Zane Brown, Medical Student, Griffith University
  • "I completed the GAMSAT Prep course in Perth: 71 overall in the GAMSAT, with a score of 77 in the science section."

    M.C., Medical Student, University of Western Australia (UWA)
  • "The [Gold Standard] GAMSAT Prep package is an invaluable studying tool."

    Theo Mahendradatta, former President. Student of Medical Science Society (SMSSOC) UNSW, Sydney
  • "I went to one of the science reviews and used the online essay correction and practice tests. I scored 74 overall, which I was stoked with, and I know I felt so much more comfortable because of the resources provided."

    Katherine Thomas, Bachelor of Civil Engineering Class 2013, University of Western Australia; Medical School Candidate, 2017 Entry
  • "[The Gold Standard Team was] an invaluable source of guidance in my GAMSAT preparation. All my essays received comprehensive feedback and definitely contributed to my highest score in Section 2. Thank you very much!"

    Sindhu Parthasarathy, Doctor of Dental Surgery Class 2018, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne

The new Gold Standard GAMSAT

Look Inside!
Section 1, Section 2 &
Full-length Mock Exam
Look Inside!
Maths, Physics &
General Chemistry
Look Inside!
Organic Chemistry &
Look Inside!
10 Full-length Practice
Test for the GAMSAT

Live GAMSAT Preparation Courses

Learn from our experience:

Join our 9th year of the best GAMSAT courses on a campus near you.

Section 3 (science) Review with the author of The Gold Standard GAMSAT

Live Section 3 (science) Review with the author of The Gold Standard GAMSAT

  • $199 for 1 full day
  • $597 for 4 full days

Our live on-campus GAMSAT courses are taught by Dr. Ferdinand using problem-based learning to focus on the most frequently tested GAMSAT topics in biology, physics, general and organic chemistry. NEW free 1-day bridging course: science students are exposed to Section 1 and 2 practice and strategies, while non-science students will review the most basic Section 3 science concepts.

GS Practice GAMSAT Test with Interactive Review of Solutions

Live GS Practice GAMSAT Test with Interactive Review of Solutions

  • $199 for 1 full day
  • $597 for 4 full days

This GAMSAT course provides test-taking experience and strategies for GAMSAT Section 1, 2 and 3. Students sit a full-length practice exam (Virtual Reality GAMSAT VR-1 Exam) on the first day; the second day and third day are for review, analysis and more problem solving with Dr. Ferdinand NEW addition: VR-2 Full-length Proctored GAMSAT Mock Exam.

Live GAMSAT courses on campus:

Australia • USyd • UM • UQ • UWA • UA • Europe • NCI (Dublin) • Edin. (Edinburgh) • Imperial College (London)

PURCHASE attendance for a single day for any course ($199):

$199 is as affordable as getting a tutor, but you will be taught by the author of the first GAMSAT textbook, ever.

September GAMSAT Preparation

Gold Standard

Melbourne • Sydney • Brisbane • Perth • Dublin • Edinburgh • London

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Gold Standard Complete Package with Live GAMSAT Revision Courses

Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course

Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course including Course Materials and Personal Help: We begin with the basics and take you up to GAMSAT level.

$1200 $1300
Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course
  • Home Study Course with 3 books in colour covering the content for all 3 GAMSAT sections + the new 10 mock-exams' book + Section 1: tips/strategies + over 20 mini-tests + Section 2: 8 of your essays corrected with specific advice for improvements + Section 3: 70+ hours of online videos + GS-Free (an abbreviated, diagnostic practice exam). This program teaches and challenges those with science and non-science backgrounds.
  • Besides providing you with a study plan, this Complete GAMSAT Course includes personalised comments and tips for your corrected essays and an online forum with a discussion thread for the thousands of practice problems with worked solutions so that you are never left in the dark about a problem (these practice problems include chapter review questions, mini-tests and full-length practice tests). You will not require any other books, notes or revision materials to prepare for the GAMSAT save ACER's practice booklets which are only available separately from ACER.
  • Your online access begins instantly after payment and continues for up to 12 months. Postage is free to Australia, Ireland and the UK. Dispatch within 48 hours. Free bonus: Gold Standard Medical School Interview online video.
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Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course with Score Guarantee

Get ALL of the features described above PLUS more mock exams, 50+ hours of on-campus courses and additional features:

$1999 $2699
Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course with Score Guarantee

The number of hours (h) of class time are in brackets below:

  • Brand New: Section 1 and 2 live review with the author of The Gold Standard, PBL (8 h)
  • Section 3 (science) + bridging lectures with problem solving: 3-day course (25 h) with the author of The Gold Standard
  • Full-length Virtual Reality GAMSAT practice test: 3-day course (21 h) with interactive review of solutions
  • Bonus: We have added an extra on-campus Virtual Reality practice exam date (7 h)
  • 12 full-length GAMSAT practice tests (7 printed papers and 5 different exams exclusively online) + GS-Free = more than double the number of full-length GAMSAT mock exams that other courses offer. If you are not sure if problem-based learning is important for GAMSAT preparation, consider ACER’s opinion: What is problem-based learning?
  • 16 essays corrected (total) with personal comments and guidance
  • Instant online access and you'll receive your course materials within a few days
  • Choose to attend the 8 full days of class within 2 years of purchase
  • This is not just a GAMSAT revision course. Through our books, videos and classes, we cover the simplest assumed knowledge in each domain and we build you up to the most complex GAMSAT reasoning.
  • Another bonus: Gold Standard GAMSAT Smartphone Apps (iPhone or Android, your choice)
  • GAMSAT Score Guarantee: get the score you want or repeat online access for free (up to 1 additional year of access)
  • Your Guarantee also permits you to complete your 16 essays within 2 years if needed
  • Join our best GAMSAT course for our 9th season live on campus:

Complete GAMSAT Course including Live Classes, All Course Materials and Online Features

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Complete GAMSAT Preparation Course Schedule ($1999)

For 8 full days, join us to expand your knowledge, develop your reasoning, and learn new strategies.


Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation Books
Look Inside!
GAMSAT Section 1, Section 2 &  Mock Exam Section 1, Section 2 & Mock Exam
Look Inside!
GAMSAT Maths, Physics & General Chemistry Maths, Physics & General Chemistry
Look Inside!
GAMSAT Organic Chemistry & Biology Organic Chemistry & Biology

Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation Books

Learn, review, practice.

The 1st GAMSAT textbook ever, just got much better! Our 3 books (1312 pages; 3.5 kg), which you can use for your 2019-2020 preparation, have new GAMSAT-style practice questions, more diagrams and illustrations, and the one textbook is now three to make transporting it to the library more convenient! Completely revised with hundreds of pages of new, updated content. Each book contains an online access card with more video access than previous editions.

  • Heaps of new Section 1 and 2 strategies with practice questions; new logs and graph analysis sections; science taught from the basics up to GAMSAT level; over 1200 MCQs with helpful, worked answers; and the best GAMSAT practice test we have ever constructed.
  • Click for Bookshops

$129.95 each or all 3 for $349, Save $40!

$20 per shipment

Home Study GAMSAT Prep Course

Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation: Home Study Course

Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD

3 Textbooks, 10 Mock Exams Book; MP3s and Online Science Videos; GAMSAT and Interview videos; 2019-2020 Edition

$599 $699
  • This Home Study GAMSAT Course is a complete multimedia experience designed to simplify the challenge of preparing for the GAMSAT. The brand new Gold Standard textbooks stand at the centre of many tools including more than 70 hours of online video with clear teaching, flashcards and MP3s. "Learn, review and practice solving questions followed by full-length testing with worked solutions" is our mantra for your success. The Home Study GAMSAT Course is also included in our Complete GAMSAT Course packages described above.
  • This Home Study Revision Course also includes over 1200 chapter review questions, unique online access cards, and the 10 full-length GAMSAT practice tests that come with this package include helpful, worked answers: 5 paper tests in the book and 5 practice tests online.
  • Your online access continues for 1 full year.
  • Dispatch within 48 hours from Sydney, London, NY. Delivery in less than 1 week to Australia, Ireland, the UK, US. We ship worldwide.
  • Gold Standard GAMSAT Reviews
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Home Study GAMSAT Prep Course

GAMSAT Physics Starts Here!

If you have never studied Physics before, we suggest you begin by reading the 6 chapters of GAMSAT Maths in the new Gold Standard textbook. After completing your GAMSAT Maths review, then the first topic in Physics is ‘Scalars and Vectors’. After viewing the video, take the time to solve the online chapter review practice questions which range from very basic up to GAMSAT level. “Learn, practice, then full-length testing” is a summary of a successful approach to this very important exam.

Please note: Access to our online videos is tailored to any purchase of Gold Standard GAMSAT books or any of our complete GAMSAT courses. Our 300+ GS video library ranges from basic, introductory topics (like the Physics video on the right) to GAMSAT-level strategies and practice questions (like the Organic Chemistry video below).

Have you completed your GAMSAT Organic Chemistry Review?

Try one of our new GS video GAMSAT practice questions!

A reasoned approach to study for GAMSAT Section 3 is to begin by brushing up on your basic maths skills, then consider reviewing and practicing the following subjects in this order: Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and then Biology. Our extensive GS video library includes our 'old school' and 'new school' teaching videos, as well as virtual classroom videos. Watching videos while taking very brief notes and reviewing those notes frequently represents an important part of comprehensive GAMSAT preparation.

GAMSAT ACER Worked Solutions

GAMSAT Practice
Now Available as PDF
Australia • Ireland • UK
Now Available as PDF
Australia • Ireland • UK
GAMSAT Practice Test
Now Available as PDF
Australia • Ireland • UK
GAMSAT Practice Test 2
Now Available as PDF
Australia • Ireland • UK
GAMSAT Practice Test 3
Now Available as PDF
Australia • Ireland • UK

Gold Standard Home Study Course with Live Seminars on Campus

$1500 $2199

For details about this package that combines our Home Study Course with most of our on-campus lectures (but with a few less features than the $1999 package), please click the most convenient location below:

Australia: Melbourne (UM)Sydney (USyd)Perth (UWA)Brisbane (UQ)Adelaide (UA)

Europe: Dublin (NCI)Edin. (Edinburgh)London (Imp Coll)

Free GAMSAT Resources

Some of the best things in life?!

The best GAMSAT courses/GAMSAT preparation includes an impressive array of free resources prepared by Gold Standard to simplify your GAMSAT review: 100+ free videos containing step-by-step worked solutions to ACER's practice materials (click here: Gold Standard YouTube). That’s where innovation begins. Here's more: GAMSAT Question of the DayFree GAMSAT Practice TestMonthly Live WebinarGAMSAT Maths ReviewFree GAMSAT Resources PagePersonal Study SchedulePhysics Equation ListGAMSAT Organic Chem Reaction SummaryGPA/GAMSAT Score Requirements

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